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Search and browse amongst multiple repositories using filtered, social or competence based search.



Publish your resources and Share them with the OpenScout community.



Find and follow friends who share same interests and view their content recommendations.

Welcome to OpenScout portal

OpenScout provides free online management education What if you could access hours of free management education from one website with just a few clicks? The OpenScout project offers a new service which can give you this knowledge. It lets business users, teachers and students search, visualize, use, share and publish business information.

OpenScout demonstrator


The OpenScout demonstrator provides access to distributed open educational resources in the area of management education and training. Students, professionals in SMEs or large enterprises as well as teachers or course designers can search for open management content that fits their specific needs. The OpenScout demonstrator provides users with an interface to start a keyword based search, filter search results, include competence search criteria, or add social metadata like tags, comments or ratings. Additionally, the user is presented with recommended tools for working with a selected resource.

Enhanced functionalities are currently under development.


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