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Tools and Scenarios

Use the tool library to locate suitable tools and scenarios for content adaptation, user collaboration and communication.

OpenScout tool library

This page contains several tools that you can use for adapting materials to your own needs. Tools for communication and group collaboration are also provided. Click on the "Pop-Up tools" and use the tools directly in the portal!
This page also lists scenarios created by other OpenScout users. We welcome you to share your own stories and practices as well!
oer handbookUse the "OER adaptation handbook" for a quick tutorial how to proceed.

Adaptation tools


Here you can find a collection of tools for the adaptation of learning resources..
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Collaboration tools


Here you can find a collection of tools blending user collaboration and learning..
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Communication tools


Use these tools to communicate with other users online or offline..
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Pop-up tools


A selection of third party tools from various providers that can be used within popup windows.
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Planner Tool

PDP tool

Planner tool will help you to plan and implement the learning process, related to obtaining the needed competences in order to achieve a particular job profile. Click here to visit the Planner tool page.
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